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Dear Colleagues,


You are cordially invited to participate in the III International Conference on CRYSTALLOGENESIS AND MINERALOGY to be held in Novosibirsk, September, 27 October, 1, 2013 at the resort hotel "Sosnovka" located in an ecologically clean place of Novosibirsk near Academytown on the bank of the Berdsky gulf.


The Conference is devoted to the development of fundumental and applied crystallogenesis and mineralogy. The following topics will be discussed: formation of the ideal and real (defect) structure of crystals; methods of crystal growth; synthesis of crystalline materials and experimental mineralogy; bio and organogenic minerals and materials; crystallogenesis of minerals; nano-mineralization and crystal growth at nanoscale; high-pressure research in relation to mineralogy and crystal genesis; extraterrestrial mineralogy and crystallogenesis in space. A special Young scientists day will include comprehensive lectures on the frontiers of research given by distinguished lecturers, as well as oral and poster presentations by young scientists. We plan also satellite Workshops for young scientists: "X-ray diffraction and Raman microscopy in crystal genesis and mineralogy", "Crystal growth in Nature, laboratory and industry", "Frontiers of crystallography: aperiodic and disordered structures". The program of the conference will include also a satellite symposium Deep carbon cycle: mineralogy and crystal chemistry of carbon-bearing compounds.


Chairs: N.P. Pokhilenko (Novosibirsk), N.V. Sobolev (Novosibirsk)

Co-chairmen: J. Garcia-Ruiz (Granada), E.V. Boldyreva (Novosibirsk)


Program Committee (preliminary)

Organizing Committee

T. Armbruster (Bern), A.M. Askhabov (Syktyvkar), V.S. Balitsky (Chernogolovka), L. Bindi (Florence), A.G. Bulakh (St. Petersburg), P. Burns (Notre-Dame), A.A. Chernov (Moscow, Livermore), H. Dabkowska (Hamilton), W. Depmeier (Kiel), P. Dera (Chicago), L. Dubrovinsky (Bayreuth), P.P. Fedorov (Moscow), Y. Fei (Washington), D. Ferraris (Torino), K. Friese (Aachen), P. Gille (Munich), R. Hazen (Washington), G. Heide (Freiberg), L.I. Isaenko (Novosibirsk), M. Jansen (Stuttgart), H. Kagi (Tokyo), H. Klapper (Bonn), E.N. Kotelnikova (St. Petersburg), .. Kokh (Novosibirsk), S.V. Krivovichev (St. Petersburg), V.G Krivovichev (St. Petersburg), N.I. Leonyuk (Moscow), Yu.B. Marin (St. Petersburg), F. Meldrum (Leeds), F. Nestola (Padova), E. Ohtani (Sendai), Yu.N. Palyanov (Novosibirsk), D. Price (London), D.Yu. Pushcharovsky (Moscow), A. Putnis (Münster), J. Rocha (Aveiro), D.V. Rundqvist (Moscow), Yu.V. Seryotkin (Novosibirsk), V.S. Shatsky (Irkutsk), K. Tsukamoto (Sendai), V.S. Urusov (Moscow), A.E. Voloshin (Moscow), Mu Wang (Nanjing), A. Zappettini (Parma)

T.B. Bekker,
M.V. Bykova,
K.D. Litasov,
A.F. Khokhryakov,
V.S. Minkov,
Yu.N. Palyanov,
A.L. Ragosin,
V.N. Reytskiy,
S.Z. Smirnov,
D.A. Zedgenizov


Official language: English

Participation forms: Oral and poster presentations are welcome. Participation by correspondence with abstract publication is also welcome.

Address: Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science

630090, Novosibirsk, Prosp. Ak. Koptyuga, 3

Tel/Fax: +7 383 3066392 +7 383 333 2600


Registration and abstract submission will be possible via conference website. Registration will be open from January 15, 2013 to May 1, 2013. Details of abstract submission, registration, fee payment and accommodation will be provided in the first circular. The first circular will be placed on a conference site.

Contacts: T.B. Bekker (Novosibirsk;